Henry Rude was founded by Victoria Pettersson Henry in 2013. She also designs clothes & accessories for the eponymous brand Victoria Henry.









Siaka is our production assistant in Burkina Faso. He is also our driver, translator & a very good musician









Emmanuel is our main tailor in Ghana. He cuts all the garments, and supervises his team of tailors & apprentices.









Ben is one of the employees and the right hand of Emmanuel. He makes all our samples.









The workshop with Yaw, Derrick, Lukman & Ben









Evans is another tailor we work with in Ghana. He makes all our men's shirts.









Rex working on some jumpsuits in Ghana









Fouss is one of our tailors in Burkina Faso. He makes bags & headwear.








Issaka & his son are also sewing some of our bags and headwear in central Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso



Henry Rude is a casual street wear brand based in Malmö, Sweden. We aim to break the norms of classic street wear by using fabrics sourced in West Africa. Designed with urban people in mind, Henry Rude offers classic, yet modern silhouettes in order to let the prints speak for themselves.



Most of our garments are made in Ghana & Burkina Faso, where we work with independent small-scale business owners such as fabric wholesalers, tailors and seamstresses.


We want to connect the West African textile industry with the non-African market and when buying a Henry Rude garment, you can be sure that your piece was made under decent working conditions. By supporting us you also make it possible for us to develop our collaborations and continuing to create economic opportunities for small businesses at a grass root level. Together we can make an impact!



Today wax print fabrics are heavily used in West Africa and it's diaspora, but they were originally produced by the Dutch (during the colonization of Indonesia), trying to imitate the ancient Indonesian technique called batik (a kind of wax resist dyeing).


These prints were originally made for the Indonesian market but when they didn't grow into a big success there, the fabrics were instead launched in West Africa and became a big part of the West African culture.


We source all our fabrics at the local markets in Accra & Ouagadougou. Some are printed in Africa, some have been printed elsewhere for the African market. The colorful cotton fabrics have been dyed - by hand or machine - using a wax-resistant dying technique. Therefor slight imperfections can and will occur in the fabric - this is completely normal (and according to us, quite charming!). There can also be remnants of adhesive labels that identify the textile manufacturer. These can be removed by ironing and scraping it off, or by washing the garment.


Due to the different placements of the prints, no garment look exactly the same. Every garment has been cut and sewn individually. Keep this in mind, and cherish it - we do!



The fabric is 100% cotton with no stretch. This can make your garment feel a bit stiffer than you're used to. However, the cotton fabric usually softens up after wearing and washing a few times.


We recommend washing by hand or on cold cycle (30°C) to preserve the shape and colors as well as possible, and to be nicer to our environment. Ironing may be necessary - on medium to high heat. Do not tumble dry.

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